Obsession with Perfection

Dedicated to all those who at some odd point in their lives have felt the ugly “Not GOOD Enough” feeling. You’re better than that. Only YOU can be your brand of Best.

Why are you so worried about beauty
Looking good, you make it a duty

Making it a necessity to use paint
To hide all that you are with no restraint

Turning all thoughts into obsession
Leading life towards a steep regression

Why do you hide all that you are
Rough edges and your battle scars

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
So what if they judge, why should you be any less bolder

Why must you feel that you’re not enough
Giving up when the going gets tough

You’re more than what you believe
Knowingly blind to what you can actually achieve

Give yourself a chance to shine
Let the stars of good fortune align

Allow yourself to let go of this insanity
Be who you are meant to be, don’t let this turn into vanity

This song speaks volumes about my words and some more! Happy listening!

Love Always,


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