Dark Angel [Masterpiece]

How do I begin to paint you, oh winged creature
What do I name thee, high warrior in the rank of angels
Brave and of valor as in the prayers of a preacher

Encased in the cocoon of your feathers – dark
Perched on the top of a arc so magnificent and large
Looking down upon your wards with a protecting spark

How do I begin to paint you, oh beautiful stranger
Dare I strip you down bare
Sense of modesty should I endanger

Do I smear you like an amateur
Dab you in the all kinds of colour or portray
Darkness amongst the light, of that I am unsure

Depicting you not an easy endeavour
Lending words to define the vision unearthly
Care I seek perfection, it might take forever

This is a dangerous path that I now tread
Bringing you out of shadows for the world to see
Willing these words a thousand miles to spread

This has to be one of the hardest piece that I’ve ever written for reasons unknown (even to me). I’d also like to give a special thanks to my friend Dakota for helping me sort out the chaos and finding the finish. I hope you will enjoy it as much as you’ve enjoyed the the rest of Masterpiece.

Views and thoughts are always welcome.


Image Source: Flash-Screen


16 thoughts on “Dark Angel [Masterpiece]”

    1. Muchas Gracias! Can’t thank you enough for your kind words. It’s funny that you should mention wine, what comes next or thereafter will be in the essence of your words – intoxicating without a touch or a sip.

      P.S. I’d really like some Dark Chocolate right now… too bad that’s too late for me to go out and buy some!

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