Masterpiece – A Prelude

He was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen
Something so surreal about him, something so unreal
She put him on a pedestal like a God to be revered

He, a fountain of inspiration, full of secrecy
She, a desolate desert suffering in drought
Seeking, searching, stumbling, her approach stout

Feeding her creativity, the thirst for curiosity
She bestowed upon him the honour of being her muse
He would become her masterpiece lyrically woven into prose

She was a blank canvas, him – the colourful glaze
A promise was made, warnings given, words were weighed
A painting was commissioned, all the dues were paid

She began her work with words to capture his visage
Bringing him alive, no longer a figment of her imagination
Features cold, her depiction of him bold, brazen temptation

Image Source: Untruth Street Art
Artist: Mobstr


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