I Have Always Loved You

I have loved you for ages
Loved without conditions
For you centuries I could wait
I have searched the world
Seas, mountains, deserts
And every desolate space
You were no where to be found
Where have you been
Leaving no word, making no sound

My life seems a barren landscape
Ever so slowly I am loosing my mind
Thinking that you exist somewhere
Maybe you are just as lost I am
Looking but finding me nowhere
Time passing as if nothing, in waste
The universe remains but an endless maze
My hope is that it is me you will find
Complete the puzzle with haste

It is my heart that will beat
As one with yours
And feel what I feel
And sense what I sense
You’d know then
How much I yearn
For your touch
And for your embrace
I have been thirsty for eons
Just let me drink from
The fountain of your lips
So that my life may sustain

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