Devil Dear


Dedicated to all the good girls who fell for the bad boy at some point in their lives…Β 

Oh how you wound me
With your careless abandon

Bringing me in close
Then letting me dangle

Malicious thoughts, nature vile
Those intoxicating eyes, that sinful smile

Offering a kiss and something more
A sure promise of settling score

My shaky resolve not worth a dime
Magnetic pull – stronger each time

Never learning, making the same mistake
Anything to ease this endless ache

Not the good guy, always the other
Falling from one soulless heart to another

In love with the Devil reincarnate
Always the same antics, just a different face

Image Source: Devian Art


21 thoughts on “Devil Dear”

  1. I want to say…we can embrace the dark and carnal, which shall always exact its toll, or embrace our Light and lose the warmth of what it is to struggle in this life in these feeble human shells. We are cursed maybe, but, I feel there is hope. If you don’t have it, borrow some, and like quick. Personally, and not to be all mystical like, I am singing some kind of song I found in some kind of Light inside. I don’t want to hide it or sell it, just share it. We all have it. It costs a lot to grab hold of. I wish much Love and Light for you and I may write you a poem or two. I think you have a place at the table. Oh, give the good guy a chance, they will surprise you. Oh oh, you write really neat πŸ˜‰

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    1. Your words are enchanting…I really appreciate you taking out the time share them with me. And for the second part… good guys are hard to come by. May be they exist, I know not where to find them. May be I have, but turned a blind eye. This torture I continue to enjoy.

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      1. And last thing, as I said, I lived for too long lived in the hell of my own making with prodding I’m sure, which showed me the golden thread that unraveled my reality, but it was only my death, no big thing. I’m done with hell. And I committed my path to help those I could out of theirs, but that was my folly. We each have to walk that path. We shall all have what we choose in the next. As above, so below. And so it goes round and round. Hmm hmm, funny thing destiny and putting your heart out there on the wind. You never know who might catch a whiff and I have decided its better to live out loud. Such is the curse of the artist and I guess I’m that if that is me.

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      2. The suffering and pain endured in hell can only be understood by those who’ve lived it. Like you said hell is usually of one’s own making, different from another. All one can do to help is be the guiding light not a companion, like Beatrice was to Dante, showing him the way to heaven. However, his way through purgatory was his own as were its challenges.

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  2. the addiction of the i-always-want-to capture-the-bad-guy-syndrome
    seeking love from one who wont or cant give it
    well summed up but Dante has to save Dante IF he wants to be saved and Beatrice should save herself πŸ™‚

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