Lonely Little Girl

There was a lonely little girl
Walking through a tunnel
She was alone, but not by choice
She smiled, content with loneliness
Minding her thoughts
Feelings, she chose not to voice

She knew the world was cruel
No place for her fragile kind
For she was soft, like the snow
On the pale winter ground
Or soft as the grass
When summer was around

She smelled of roses
When it was spring
Of jasmine when
The moon came out to sing
She bloomed like the sunflowers
As the sun took its place as king

A gentle soul, untouched
She remained, unscathed
By the evil in the surround
Though it wasn’t long
Before her strong resolve crumbled
Her weakness was found

Prodded and poked
Pinched and choked
Until her gentle spirit
All but died
The loneliness remained
But long gone was the smile.

Image Source: http://www.hdwallpapers.org/walls/lonely-girl-wide.jpg


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