The light shone upon the horizon
She remembers it well
Not bright of the morning
Nor brilliance of the sun
Accented blue with a purple hue
Cool, comprised of silvery strands
Glistening just barely
Upon the cobbled streets
Of ancient brands

Well-worn, treaded by thousands
Knights, maidens, peasants
Lovers, foes, the young and the old
From the far gone past
The present and the future unknown
Home to lost Kings and houses of God
Quaint streets, formed of unearthly charm
Eerie lanes with a ghostly past
Welcomed the night with open arms

She set out to discover the world
But somewhere along the journey
Broke apart, leaving pieces of herself
Enraptured by the beauty
In words she could not recall
Forever etched, like a tattoo mark
Haunting her dreams
Leaving the doors ajar
Asking her to return
To seek and reclaim her heart.

Written as a tribute to the beauty of beautiful Spanish town named Avila. Word’s don’t do much justice, but I’ve attempted nonetheless. I hope you enjoy reading it just as much I enjoyed writing it. Feedback is always welcome!


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