Purpose In Life

Seasons have changed
From spring to summer
Summer to fall
Fall to winter
All that was once alive
Has long died and withered
The feel is melancholic
Rough is the terrain
Day all but pass
In a perpetual haze

Insanity sets in
But a part of you
Is still sane
Searching for a purpose
On this living plain
Are you truly alive
Or are all your efforts in vain
Questions that need answering
Crash the shores of your mind
As devastating waves

What is your future
What is written in your stars
What is your fate
Is it preordained or self-made
Open you eyes and observe
You are too busy asking questions
While you could be living the answers
Author your own destiny
Be the creator of your own stars
Don’t spend precious moments fighting
Opposition’s battles in your own war

Image Source: http://wallpapersinhq.com/images/big/freedom-1460198.jpg

~ Romancing Life


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