A Confused Heart

Like love you can’t define
You feel it as you do love
Love comes in many forms
In many different wavelengths
And in many different sizes
It always differs
Never quite defined
In the same manner twice

Such is pain
The void in my chest
Is a pain that I cannot describe
I don’t feel a thing
Yet I know somewhere inside
Emptiness resides
Are these two paradoxically the same thing
Feeling empty
Or not feeling anything at all

But I know this
I can’t just get rid of it
This feeling
That may
Or may not exist
It’s haunting presence
Or lack there off
Is eating me up
Hollowing me out

Have you any idea
What I am going on about
If you find yourself confused
Know that you’re in company
Whether good or bad
I cannot say
As confusion takes over
I close my eyes
And just… let it stay

Image By: Ann-McLaren, http://ann-mclaren.deviantart.com/art/Confused-Heart-152975268


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