Death of a Tear

A lone tear
Escapes through
The barrier of lashes
Into the harsh
Of this world

To die a death
Most handsome
As it kisses
Thy rosy lips.

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4 thoughts on “Death of a Tear”

  1. Excellent! Beautiful is the image and the pathos drunk words. The Saline Mischief is beautifully set. Untainted tear escaping into crude realities of the world………………….this is just amazing. So profound is this thought. Just wanted to let you know quickly that in my poem “The Saline Mischief” my tears met similar kind of fate. Read on if you have some time. Glad, we are like minded. Stay smiling! 🙂

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  2. The naive tear knows not what awaits outside the confines… It has to face the crude realities of the world indeed! Thank you for reading and sharing your profound thoughts! “The Saline Mischief” was a pleasurable read too! 🙂

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