My Beautiful Stranger

Walked into life my you did
As the first summer rain
Arrives quenching the thirst
Of the yearning ground
Or perhaps like the winter snow
Doing it’s very first round
Ever so subtly enhancing the
Beauty of all that is around

The pen refuses to move
As it’s put to paper
Words no longer sufficient
To describe what you mean to me
You’re not what was expected
Nor could’ve been dreamed of
You’re all that was ever needed
You’re what is now and all that will be

Though mysterious is your aura
And your face covered with haze
Yet the mind paints a picture
Of a beautiful soul which I now seek
No matter how steep the danger
When I find you, if ever
May be I’ll be able to gather the courage
To call you my beautiful stranger

~Romancing Life

Image Source: WallpapersHD


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