A Familiar Stranger Part 2

Beautiful day t’was
A day like many others before it
Everything was normal
Normal until I met a stranger
A stranger who seemed familiar than most

We met over a cup of tea
Bittersweet to taste
There were moments – light
And dark all the same – to share
Now we meet often to discuss
With nothing to spare

He is a little intimidating sometimes
Also passionate and deep
A little funny sometimes too
Just give him a little rum to keep
He embodies crazy, that one
Fan of serial killers, roses and rum
He makes me talk, laugh and worry some

It should be strange, strange for a stranger
To seem so oddly familiar..
Like you have know him for ages
Yet you do not know his face
May be I knew him once
Yet I knew not his name
So he’s a stranger still
But the one who is familiar than most

He says he has the smile of an angel
With a heart to match
He is a canvas for art
An absolute masterpiece
A masterpiece that speaks of a story
No words could ever explicate

You’d understand perhaps
If you have ever been deep under
Just look beyond the layers of paint
You never know what you may find
Sorrow, beauty and magnificence
May be a little wonder

I know not how I stumbled upon him
May be we were meant to cross paths
It must have had something to do with fate
He was stranger once
Now a familiar face.


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